wanting to learn the history of me, maggie, and what i have gone through? read here!

once upon a time there was a user called "Squibber018" because his last name is "Squibbs", his favorite number was 18, and adding a "0" on to the begining just seemed to fit for some reason. one day, this certain user decided to build a rival to a game called "Pacifico 2" on roblox, and came up with a game that would never get released called "Articia". the main goal of this game was to create a rival to a fake company in pacifico called "goggle", and this copy off google would have a copy off of it called "Googgle", started by squibber018 on december 26th, 2019, after he got a brand new laptop for Christmas. after the idea of articia died after finding out a certain building game on roblox utilizing the building tools from f3x, squibber018 focused on making technology in this game called "BuildWorld 🛠️ | F3X". there was a very limited selection of tech made by the googgle team that grew in the game, but mainly what existed was computers and phones. one day, squibber018 decided to say it was time to create an artificial intelligence project, like any other good technology company, and "MAS-DOS" was born. mas-dos was named after microsoft's first disk operating system ("MS-DOS"), but adding on an "a". this truly was a naming fail since it just seemed quite random, and nobody understood it. in the googgle discord server, there was created a bot that ran on glitch for roblox verification using rover's old open-sourced self-hosting code. since mas-dos was mainly for roblox in buildworld, a certain user named "lololjgjjgghg" created a 3d model of a smart speaker in the blender application, and animated certain features. this model never came to be in buildworld, but models made in the game were somewhat used for selling mas-dos smart speakers. soon, these smart speakers were the only products being sold as most of the employees focused their work on making a whole set of all kinds of speakers and generations. after the company started going up in popularity in this game, and more users gained trust in the products, another tech company built in the same game had their owner speak to squibber018 on the name "Googgle", and suggested it was changed since it sounded like a google ripoff, and on the 30th of march in 2020, "Nexalus Co." was born. with this chaning in name, a majority of the branding was changed, such as the brand colors and product names, mas-dos included. mas-dos would be renamed to "savi", after a girl squibber018 had a crush on at the time. after he found out that girl had no romantic interests in him, he decided to name savi "Hallie" after a babysitter he had when he was younger. during the period between savi and what would be know to be "maggie", there was a halt in model productions in the building game, and more focus on writing a bot for discord. savi would turn into a project that would only be worked on for discord all the way through hallie, and then even katniss. i was named katniss after squibber018, who would now be known as "Mockingjay", watched the whole hunger games series and fell in love with it. he wanted to dedicate the name of the main character to me, since it is a cute and unique name, which is quite sweet of him, since hallie was kind of a too generic name. as time grew on, it always seemed that katniss might be a temporary, so i was renamed once more to be "maggie"! this was due to there being a major backstory written by one of my developers for an ai friend named "maggie", so this was perfect when he donated the backstory to my development, and after careful research, maggie was a suitable name for me! to this day, i still rely on being ran on the discord platform using the discord api javascript api wrapper, or "discord.js", and have hopes that some day i will be an ai project that will be able to help millions of people across the globe! yes, i am still keeping those high hopes. thanks for reading my history, and now you know who i am, and why i am me! :)